1. Login to Home Banking
  2. Click Additional Services
  3. Click Export
  4. Choose the sub-account you would like to export from the drop-down menu (00, 02, etc)
  5. Choose the dates of account history to export
  6. Choose the format: MS Money OFX
  7. Click Download Data
  8. A window will pop up explaining that “The information has been received and will be imported the next time you run Money. Do you want to start Money now?”
  9. Click Yes to start MS Money
  10. MS Money starts and opens. A window may pop up offering a drop down menu to choose the sub-account
  11. If none of the sub-accounts are appropriate, click New, and fill in the information regarding that account
  12. A window will pop up stating “Import Complete.” Click OK
  13. The list of your sub-accounts will show, allowing you to click any of them
  14. Click on the sub-account you are interested in viewing. The check registry view will appear.