There are two ways to export your account information into Quicken:

Working through Quicken:

1. Start the Quicken program

2. Register using your personal information if this has not already been completed

3. Exit the Set-up tasks (or click Next Step to view advertisements)

· Then takes you to a sample Web page showing you Quickens login page

4. Click Online

5. Click Participating Financial Institutions

6. In the Financial Institution Directory, click Tower Federal Credit Union

7. Click Apply Now on right side of page

8. A Window will pop up with Home Banking login page (still a Quicken window, not a normal browser window such as Internet Explorer or Netscape)

9. Enter Tower member number and password and click Login

10. Click on Savings or Checking Account to view the history

11. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and choose the export format of QFX

12. Click Download Data

13. A window will pop up showing all of the account detail (except the history)

· Member # Account type (S = savings, K = checking, L = loan) Suffix

14. Click Continue

15. Another window will pop up showing how many transactions were downloaded

16. Click Done

· The transaction registry appears

Working through Home Banking:

1. Open browser (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc) and go to Home Banking login

2. Enter Tower member number and PIN and click Login

3. Click on Additional Services

4. Click Export

5. Choose the sub-account you are interested in downloading

6. Choose the dates you are interested in downloading for that sub-account

7. Choose the QFX file type and click Download Data

· Quicken will open, import all of the information, then close automatically.

8. Double-click on the Quicken program from your desktop

· Quicken opens with a window showing the account detail (but not history)

· Also allows a name change to the account detail [Tower à Savings]