You can submit a wire transfer form securely online in Home Banking under Transfer & Pay, at a branch, or by calling the Member Service Center at 301-497-7000 or 800-787-8328

Tower requires the following information to complete a wire transfer request:

 (1) Financial Institution's full name, city and state and a valid ABA/Routing number for all receiving financial institutions. (Receiving financial institution must be online with the Federal Reserve in order for Tower to process the wire transfer. If a financial institution is not online please contact them for proper wiring instructions. For overseas wire transfers, contact the overseas institution for the name and Swift/IBAN, city and state, and ABA/Routing number of the stateside financial institution who will process the wire.)

(2) Beneficiary's full name, address and account number for the beneficiary of the wired funds. If there is more than one beneficiary we need complete information for all beneficiaries.

Remember that you can also transfer money from your Tower account to another financial institution using Tower's External Funds Transfer service in Home Banking under Transfer & Pay.